Connecticut’s new gun control bill

A recent shooting in Hartford this month has prompted new gun control legislation. New bans on the amount of ammunition that can be carried are currently in the legislature.

A shooting in the beginning of April that included a mother and two children has ignited a new push for stronger gun control legislation.

Ron Pinciaro, the Executive Director for CT Against Gun Violence says that “our primary bill is a bill that would ban large capacity ammunition magazines.”

Pinciero is pushing for legislation that would limit ammunition rounds to no more than 10 rounds in a magazine:

“The assault weapons ban, CT is one of 7 states that still bans, but there is also legislation in this current Congress from our opposition wanting to remove some of the language from the assault weapons ban.”

Pinciero says lifting the ban is dangerous because those weapons are the ones found in many of the Hartford deaths, including the one earlier this month.

“We’ve done well with the assault weapons ban and a lot of our other legislation. In fact, CT is considered to have the 4th strongest legislation among the states.”

Current gun control legislation has had some major setbacks which may not enable it to be passed this session.

“The gun owners, especially the activists, will claim they need these kinds of weapons b/c the bad guys have these kinds of weapons,” says Pinciero.

Pincerio says the large magazine bill is in serious trouble, because at a hearing two weeks ago more than 100 NRA members showed up opposing the legislation.

One piece of legislation that may pass in this session requires all gun offenders to be registered. Pinciero says that although this is not one that he has pushed for, he is happy to see the state moving in the right direction.