Library program lowers student fines

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by Reyna Boucaud

The University of Hartford hosted a charity event in honor of National Library Week.

Food for Fines is a charity event in which students faculty and staff can donate goods in order to erase their library fines. For each item donated, a dollar will be removed from the student’s fine. The food collected goes to the charity Hands on Hartford, a soup kitchen and food pantry. This year the university raised 382 items, surpassing last year’s 300.

In lieu of the nations economic crisis the university conduced new was to decrease the outstanding fines.

Circulation assistant Ed Bernstein said: ”It’s been a tough year. The last time we did food for fines was a totally different economic period now it’s been tough and I think students are aware it been tough and that they are think this an opportunity not just to save a little money by giving a can of tuna fish instead of paying a dollar in fines but to do something for people who really need the help.”

Overdue fines owed to the library should be pay off by the semesters end.

The week of Monday April 11 through Sunday April 17 was National Library week in which the university libraries participated hosting slew events. This year, events in honor of National Library Week include a display celebrating the League of Woman’s Voters, Food for Fines and reading to kids in the community. This is the third time the university hosted the event Food for Fines on campus. Food for Fines however doesn’t happen annually keep an eye out for the next time it will be offered on campus.