Health Watch

As the second half of the semester rolls around, so does colder weather and flu season. Health Services is not only offering flu shots to students, but has some good pointers for staying healthy this time of year as well.

Dr. Demetra Eleftheriou, a physician at Health Services, told STN, “You want to keep the immune system healthy, because that helps protect you against viruses and bacteria. So one of the most important things to keep the immune system healthy is getting plenty of sleep…stay hydrated, definitely wash the hands, try not to share drinks with other people…try to eat well so you’re healthy, and try and relieve stress because stress can decrease your immune system and not make it function as well.”

There are many ways to relieve stress. For example, one can exercise, watch TV, or talk with friends if even for a few minutes.

Though it is difficult for a student to take a break with all of the essays, projects, and readings due for classes, sometimes the best thing to do is put down the books and take your mind off of school for a while. Then, when the student returns to their work, they are re-focused and will be able to put in a much better effort.

If you are looking to get a flu shot, Health Services is open to walk-ins from 8:30a.m. to 3:30p.m. with a cost of $25 for the vaccine. You can also call ahead to schedule an appointment at (860) 768-6601.