Don Sterling banned for life from NBA

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced Tuesday afternoon that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling would be banned for life from the league and fined $2.5 million after he was identified as making racist remarks on a leaked audio recording.

Silver made the announcement in a press conference at the NBA Corporate Office and Headquarters in New York, stating that an investigation was conducted to identify Sterling as the voice on the audio tape. Sterling also identified the voice on the tape as his, according to Silver.

This lifetime ban means that Sterling will not be able to go to games, practices, or be in any team facility. Silver also stated that Sterling will no longer be a member of the NBA Board of Governors.

Silver offered an apology to any players offended by the comments Sterling made and said that he will do anything in his power to force Sterling out of his ownership of the Clippers and said that he strongly encourages the rest of the Board to agree with him.

In order to force a sale of the Los Angeles Clippers franchise, three-fourths of the league owners must agree to sell the team.

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