WSAM working to get back on air

WSAM, the student-run radio station on campus, was forced to close down early last semester in March to allow for crews to begin construction on removing asbestos from the first floor of the Commons building.

Now, as the semester is moving along, the organization is working to get back fully up and running to allow students the chance to participate and get a hands-on experience for the radio industry.

The station broadcasts right outside of Hawk’s Nest inside the University Commons building, airing on 105.3 FM on the university campus.

While the group have been active on campus, broadcasting and providing their disc-jockeying skills at various live events, including during freshman move-in, the SGA Clubs and Organizations Fair, and philanthropy events for many university Greek organizations.

However, since the early shut down, WSAM members have not been able to produce and broadcast their student-run shows because the studio is still not up to code with where the groups wants it to be.

“We definitely hoped it was going to happen faster than it has been,” General Manager Dallas Miller said. “We keep on running into little setbacks that end up piling up.”

Miller says they are getting closer to getting back on air each day, and the organization is planning to allow returning members to return and begin their shows.

However, both Miller and Business and Sales Manager Alex Fusaro want to stress to students who are interested in joining the radio station that while they are not taking new members at this moment, they shouldn’t be discouraged or turned off by the station.

“Just because we’re not looking for new people now and we’re not having members new now doesn’t mean we’re not going to need them,” Miller said. “We’re going to need a whole bunch of new DJs and people who are willing to do live events.”

“We don’t want them to come into a station that’s still being renovated and having to do their shows through that. We’d rather just have a whole new clean slate,” Fusaro.

Students can listen to WSAM on 105.3 FM on campus, and they can connect with the radio station by following them on Twitter and Instagram, @wsamradio.