Player Spotlight: Pancake Thomas

Pancake Thomas has been in the spotlight this season after sitting last season out due to a leg injury and NCAA transfer requirement. He averages eighteen points per game and has scored thirty-five or more points in three games so far. The only other Hawk in history to score 35 or more points twice in a season is former NBA player Vin Baker. To this Thomas says he feels extremely blessed, but cares more about the teams record than his own. Unfortunately, the Hawks have had a rough season and are currently 2-8 in their conference this year.
Jalen Ross, a close friend of Pancake and fellow transfer from last year, is hopeful that their luck will change for the playoffs. Ross has also had an impressive season often scoring in double digits and being amongst the top three players with the highest amount of rebounds and assists. Pancake and Jalen have a lot of chemistry on the court of which they both attribute to their experience together last season.
“I call him my Uber driver” Pancake said referring to his posts on Snapchat “whenever I need to go somewhere he bring[s] me.”
Remarkably when asked about his favorite moment as a Hawk, Thomas recalled a recent game against UMass Lowell when coach John Gallagher called walk-on player Mark Plousis to enter the game. “It was priceless! He had a look like he was running to heaven.” Pancake exclaimed about the excitement on Mark’s face as he went to the score table to check in.
At the end of the day Pancake strives to do his best every game, leaving everything on the court. Looking ahead; the Hawks keep their heads up as they are trying to get a spot into the America East playoffs.

-Briana Briggs
STN2 Sports