“The Savior” Jameis Winston Signs with the New Orleans Saints

Once again Sean Payton proves to be the smartest coach in the NFL and has made the best move during this offseason. It wasn’t going out and signing 42 year old Tom Brady and trading for Gronk to make a miracle happen, it wasn’t taking Joe Burrow with the first pick in the NFL draft, and it wasn’t trading for the best wide receiver in the league in Deandre Hopkins. 

The Saints have defined all odds and even after Drew Brees leaves they will be the best team in the NFL because they have just signed a contract with the one, the only, Jameis Winston. The man that led the NFL in passing yards last year and was 2nd in passing touchdowns, he really can do it all. 

I believe that there is no worry in the world that Jameis will beat Taysom Hill out for the backup quarterback position. The main reason for this is that Jameis Winston has more experience throwing to players wearing black and gold than Hill does. Since 2017 Winston has thrown more complete passes (interceptions) to Saints players than Taysom Hill. Winston has completed 8 passes in 5 games, and Hill has struggled with only 7 in 42 games. These stats just prove that Jameis Winston is ready to be the 2nd string quarterback in New Orleans. 

Also Jameis just got Lasik eye surgery this past offseason and it will probably make him the deadliest quarterback in all of the NFL now. If you thought this W eating, crab stealing, all star quarterback wasn’t going to turn his career around, well shame on you, because we are all about to witness greatness.