A Letter to Kansas City Chiefs Fans

Chief fans you have nothing to worry about after losing the Super Bowl

Dear Kansas City Chief Fans, 

I know your Sunday did not go to plan and it ended in misery as you along with all 96 million people watching, saw Tom Brady and the Buccaneers lift the Lombardi Trophy for the second time in franchise history. But I am here to tell you that there is no reason to be upset at this moment in time and you should still be the happiest fans in football at this very moment. 

The main reason and the most important reason to this argument is that your starting QB is still PATRICK MAHOMES!!! Patrick Mahomes the QB who after three years of starting in the NFL and making a deep playoff run in all of those seasons only just his tenth game in the NFL, yes you heard me right Mahomes overall record as a starter in the NFL including the postseason is 42-10. In this time he won a MVP his first full year as a starter, throwing for a franchise record 50 TD, in his second year he won a Super Bowl and was named Super Bowl MVP, and in his third year brought the Chiefs back to another Super Bowl. 

Chief fans, you clearly have the best QB in the league with the amount of upside still possible and with the talent that has been shown in the past three years. He is still only 25 years old and signed a contract with KC that will have him around until 2031. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers aren’t going to be playing for many more years and yes there are young QBs that include Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson that will be gunning for Mahomes, but we are talking about the next GOAT. 

Here is now why that game should not matter when talking about this soon to be Chiefs dynasty that will be talked about for years to come. First of all it was clear that the turf toe was affecting Mahomes and he was clearly limping near the end of the game because of the amount of work he had to do just to get a pass off. It was also said before the game that Mahomes would be having surgery on his toe during the offseason to fix the issue. When your QB has to run 497 yards during the game before throwing the ball or getting sacked it is clear that something needs to be changed in the offensive plan. 

Building off of that last point, you were also without your best offensive lineman Eric Fisher. Obviously this isn’t the main factor for why the offense wasn’t able to move the ball that well, or find the endzone at all. When you have two weeks to prepare and know that you are going up against one of the best pass rush defenses in the NFL, the team unit needs to be prepared. 

Chief fans I hope you considered everything in this letter and understand that the future is in complete control. The NFL has to go through Kansas City at this point and that’s very clear, I believe Patrick Mahomes will bring you to at least another six Super Bowls and will win at least four of those maybe more, but only time will tell.