Take Back the Night

Women for Change hosted their annual event, Take Back the Night, to honor those who have been impacted by sexual assault.

Women for Change is an intersectional club on campus, open to all students, that hosts events to educate the student body on a variety of matters. 

Their event earlier this week, Take Back the Night, brings awareness to sexual violence and community among those who have endured it. The event contains 3 different parts including a silent march, a speak out, and a candlelight vigil. 

During the silent march, participants carried posters and umbrellas on a walk from Alumni Plaza to GSU to honor those who have been sexually assaulted. The speak out portion allowed any participants who chose to share their stories, read poems, or express themselves do so in a safe space. CAPS as well as YWCA’s sexual assault crisis center were there for anyone who needed assistance during and after the event. The final portion of the event, a favorite of many, including Women for Change president, Gianna Balsamo, the candlelight vigil, united the community of participants through candles in order to honor loved ones once again.

Join Gianna and the rest of the eboard next semester in their efforts to donate feminine products to a women empowering organization, and in their protest against Title IV.