PS Gets Evaluated

The University has asked an outside consulting firm to evaluate PS. Margolis, Healy and Associates will be conducting a study to make sure they are operating as efficiently as possible. The evaluation took place the weak of September 26th, a date for the release of the findings has not been released.
The firm is looking at staff and shift ratios, relationships with local law enforcement, response times, and the relationship between PS and staff and students. Public Safety is taking this as a learning experience. STN2 took the time to talk with the director of Public Safety John Schmultz who had this to say about the evaluation, “It’s like an affirmation of our game plan, along with the universities of where Public Safety was yesterday, where we are today, and where we want to be down the road. In order to provide the maximum safety we can to the campus and to visitors.” The firm is also looking for general input from staff and students. John Schmultz looks forward to the results and looks at this as a growing experience for PS.

-Article by Kevin Mehler