Club Spotlight: Women for Change

In an effort to increase positive changes for women both on and off campus and to get people to support the movement of equality, women for change was born.

“So Women for Change is a campus organization and we are hoping to have dialogue and all kinds of events on campus that’s committed to looking at issues around women’s bodies, and that can be violence against women, it can be issues around weight, or anything actually related to women’s bodies,” stated Dr. Mala Matacin, the club’s advisor.

Women for Change has a rich history that started not too long ago here at Hartford.

“The organization is a club through student government and it actually started in 2008, it actually came out of a class of mine, the class was very tight and we didn’t wanna leave each other, so I said to the students in class, if I wanted to start something where women could have conversations, do you think other women would want to take part in conversations that we have in class and they said yes and I said okay, so I made a promise to these women,” Dr. Matacin stated emphatically.

The club has had a great impact on all of its members and looks to continue to do so in the future.

Sophomore club member, Marissa Lawrence, has nothing but positive things to say about Women for Change. “Its completely changed my life, I’ve always known that things in the world aren’t really fair for women, and this is the first organization I’ve come across where we actually do something about it. we discuss it and monitor it and it gives me a purpose.”

The club meets every Thursday during happy hour in Hillyer 221 and discusses a wide variety of topics.