Cardboard City raises awareness about homelessness

Cardboard City is an event being held by the Center for Community Service, the Student Government Association, and Americorp Vista. Americorp Vista is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to create awareness about the homeless and help them across the United States.

Cardboard City is an event that is aimed to educate students about the population of homeless people in the city of Hartford. This is the first time that the event is being held at the University of Hartford; last year, the event was held at University of Saint Joesph.

There are several activities that are going on at this event, including a documentary film shown and a privilege walk. Students experience what it feels like to be homeless by sleeping outside in a cardboard box for the night.

This is one of the only events on campus that focuses on homelessness which happens just down the street from the school making this topic very pertinent. To donate to help end homelessness, go to the website This event also counts as Community Service and Conduct hours.

This event is not limited to the people of the University of Hartford, as students from local community colleges, and from Trinity College and Saint Joesph are attending this event.

“This event is like a big area to bring everyone together with a common interest to learn something,” SGA Public Relations VP Marianna Sayamath said.

The event will take place outside of the Gengras Student Union on Friday November 14th and Saturday the 15th from 6 at night Friday to 8 in the morning Saturday. To register, go to the website The event is open to anyone and is free.