Campus readies for the Super Bowl

In the past, Hartford students have gotten a little carried away during major sporting events. For example, several campus dumpsters were set ablaze in 2012 after the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots, 21-17.

So with the Patriots in the championship again this year, Public Safety will be on patrol after the game to make sure no one gets out of hand.

However, Director of Public Safety, John Schmaltz, says large celebrations, like the ones seen in 2012, are not normal on this campus.

“I think that was an aberration,” he said. “It was more of a unique one because it was New York and New England, so you’ve got the student body from…you know, outside of Connecticut, quite a few come from New York, New Jersey, and a a good portion from Massachusetts.”

During the 2013 World Series, which featured the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals, Public Safety called in the Hartford Fire Department to spray down dumpsters on the residential side of campus to prevent them from being lit on fire. However, Schmaltz says this time, they don’t plan to spray the dumpsters unless they have specific information that they would need to, since in the winter, the water sprayed on the dumpsters would freeze and leave patches of ice all over campus.

Schmaltz says that Public Safety would like students to keep each other in check. “You know, we can’t have an officer assigned to every dumpster or every quad or every party…it’s good community relations, and…students policing themselves to not light dumpsters on fire, endanger people.”

He also said that torching a dumpster could have other consequences. “Then, you have to call in the fire department, and if it’s windy, there’s a risk of fire spreading to other buildings…or vehicles…maybe some kids put something in the dumpster that they weren’t supposed to and you’ll have a small explosion.”

Schmaltz asks that anyone who sees suspicious behavior report it to Public Safety by calling either 860-768-7777 or 860-768-7985. All tips can remain anonymous.