Networkology- The Basics Of Networking

On Thursday October 15 , the University of Hartford Career Services and CETA held an event called Networkology, where special guest speaker Assistant Director of Career Services Ricky Barret, did a presentation on the Basics of Networking.

The purpose of this presentation was to help inform students on how to communicate with others professionally, and how to develop a successful career.

There will be four more Networkology events throughout this year with different guest speakers and will grow more in depth with the immersion of the CETA organization.

According to Director of the Collegiate Student Services Julie Spring, “I think its just getting people interested from the start with their experience here in CETA and the University of Hartford. I know we like to take to take freshman students and say get involved, get involved right away.”

For more information on upcoming Networkology events, interested students can contact Julie Spring at .