Students have a Chance to Open Spring Fling Concert

The Battle of the Bands is an event that the Campus Activities Team is hosting where bands around campus can audition to try to become the band that gets to open up for this year’s Spring Fling performer.

The audition dates for Battle of the Bands are February 28th and March 6th in Hawk’s Nest from 7-10p.m. There are currently six groups signed up to audition on these dates. There will be three bands that are selected to perform on the Friday night of Spring Fling, and then one of these three groups will get chosen to open up for the Spring Fling artist.

Bands can still sign up to audition by emailing Ben Martines at . He will then give them an audition date and time where the group will have a 30 minute time slot to show their talent.

Students can come to the auditions free of charge to enjoy the performances and support their fellow colleagues. They can additionally go to see the winning groups on Spring Fling weekend.

This event provides the campus with a live music performance for students to see.