Preschoolers have a party for themselves.

The community service , ssc and cultural office planned the annual holiday party. Volunteers from all around came together to make this special day even better for the little ones. The dean brought in hot dogs for the children, the school provided coloring books, healthy snacks , face painting, a DJ for the kids to dance to and SANTA!!!

The idea of the holiday party started over 20 years, the inspiration behind the create was that when she was younger she loved having an older mentor bringing her to see Santa Claus as a child. Having the opportunity to be able to do the same for the younger generation she took the chance and made it into something she thought the children would love.

The children were given teddy bears that were donated from multiple organizations on and off campus. There were approximately over 160 kids at the event. Each one was able to receive a bear and the host was able to donate the remaining teddy bears to organizations that hit her at home.

They are planning on having holiday parties for the preschoolers annually in the future. The event was a great hit and itll just get better from here. For more information on the preschool party you can visit