Town Hall Meeting

President's Woodward's Strategic Action Plan

President Woodward and the University of Hartford held it’s town hall meeting this past Thursday, February 13th. The town meeting was established to discuss the strategic action plan called The UHart Start, which would determine the University’s future. The action plan is a document that guides long-term strategic actions along with annual goals. The school undergoes a new plan every five years and can be changed, updated, refined, enhanced, or condensed year to year if needed.

“So every institution has a strategic plan, you look ahead. Businesses probably only have plans 2 or 3 years out, sometimes universities have 10 year plans. We’re making a five year plan so we can look at the University of Hartford in 2025 and see what we want it to be like, what we want to be doing. And I believe the arrow goes where it’s pointed. So we want to figure out where are we pointing.” Said Woodward

The town meeting was held in Wilde Auditorium, where staff could interact with Woodward and ask questions about his visions. President Woodward had 5 goals following the plan. These goals included; Commit to the success of all students in realizing their core mission, promote a vibrant, safe,diverse, and inclusive community, and achieve and maintain budget equilibrium. Woodward also wants to revitalize the physical plant and elevate brand identity, positioning, and strategy.

“I think there are 3 or 4 things that are absolutely essential in this plan. The first is I want the University of Hartford in every way possible to make a commitment to student success. And that sounds obvious, you’re at college. But I find that a lot of our students leave the university, they sometime have financial issues or academic issues, or trouble fitting in issues. I want to do everything I can to make every student successful. If they come here I want them to graduate. So that the most important overall marching goal for the plan.” Said President Woodward.