NFL Schedule Release

The 2020 NFL schedule has been revealed for the upcoming season

Earlier this Thursday, the 2020 NFL schedule was released, giving an insight to all of the upcoming games we will see for the season. The first game of the season is scheduled for Thursday, September 10th, with the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Houston Astros, with the Steelers vs Giants for the first Monday Night Football. One notable thing about the schedule is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers being scheduled for five prime time games due in part to the new acquisition of Tom Brady, after almost never playing primetime for the past few years. This is also the first season for the new Las Vegas Raiders, who are looking to make a splash in their new home.

With the coronavirus still weighing on, the schedule was designed to help the league be flexible should the season have to be pushed back in September, with as many teams having the same bye week so they could play in the canceled games later, and allow the possibility that only 14 games would be played for each team, with the super bowl date remaining intact. It will remain to be seen if the virus will continue its way into September, forcing a different season.

With this schedule, let’s hope this season will be able to start on time and can give us another great year of football.