University of Hartford Houses First Responders

In response to the COVID-19 crisis medical staff will be housed on campus

Earlier this week the University announced that it would be housing medical staff and first responders in order to support the city of Hartford’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. An estimated 200 workers will be housed in both the Hawk Hall and Park River residential halls. These buildings were specifically chosen based on various health and safety regulations. President Woodward states that, “Their location allows us to segment campus into different areas, as we remain focused on caring for the students who are unable to return home and for our essential employees who come to work each day.”

As many students still have their belongings on campus, a plan has been put in place to help free up space for these first responders. A professional moving company, William B. Meyer, will be packing all items and transporting them to a separate climate-controlled facility on campus. The contents of each room will be video recorded before the moving process begins.

The items will be packed and labeled by their room number and location within each room. Due to social distancing and various travel restrictions, students will not be able to pick up their items at the moment. The University estimates that another move out date will most likely take place after May 1st.