Goat Yoga at Bradley Mountain Farm

A look at an unusual yoga class and other singular goat activities

Located on the registry of National Historic Places in Connecticut, Bradley Mountain is a 200-year-old dairy farm that offers high-quality goat milk soaps, and numerous classes and events featuring their 39 goats.

One of the most popular classes is “goat yoga”, where a registered yoga instructor will try to improve your strength, balance, and flexibility while baby and adult goats are jumping on your back and rubbing their heads against you.

Goats are the ideal therapy animals since unlike other animals they don’t need to develop a special bond before playfully interacting with you. They are friendly and love to cuddle, however, don’t be surprised if they confuse your finger for a leaf of grass and they gently start biting it.

Many families choose Bradley Mountain Farm for a fun yoga session, but the possibilities are unlimited. Other favorite activities include “Goats N’ Pajamas”, where kids can dress up the goats in PJs and tutus and read them a bedtime story, and, for the most artistic, a “Van Goat Painting” session.

Additionally, Bradley Mountain offers a workshop that takes you through all the steps to make soap, and it also hosts the “make and take event” where people can choose the fragrance and colour and mix them together to create a personalized bar of soap.

Kids can also register for summer camps and the farm hosts numerous weddings and birthday parties.