SGA Updates for the New Semester

SGA President Alissa Hoffman shares some exciting projects for the new academic year

With a 12-person executive board and 35 Representative roles, SGA is one of the most influential organizations on campus. The association is very attentive to students’ needs and has already made many tangible changes, such as last year’s successful petition to expand GSU Café hours.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are a big focus for GSA as well, and the association is organizing many events to start more conversations around these topics.

Alissa Hoffman, the SGA president, is starting an advocacy tabling program called “Community Conversations” where students can learn more about untapped communities on and off campus.

SGA is also working on many different events, one of them being “Jumping wave”, a cross-cultural parade that will take place in F lot on September 17th, and in October the association will be busy arranging pre-flight and first-light.

Many exciting projects are also in the making for the spring as well, so start rehearsing, because HartChella is coming!

“We’ll invite clubs, acapella coalitions, Greek life, and students will come out and perform. We’re also collaborating with HART council to do a talent show, so like almost like America’s Got Talent, but UHart Got Talent, which is really cool. And that will allow students to kind of showcase themselves, in clubwise also showcase, get out and fundraise” said the SGA President.

Many new clubs have been added to the record, and some of the ones that got lost through covid are making their way back. the club fair on September 9th is a great way to learn more about them!

“It will be kind of scary going up to tables, but I did it my freshman year and I’ve made long-lasting friendships and a couple of different clubs. And definitely don’t be afraid to ask questions. All of us are all learning and so the more experiences you’re able to put yourself in you’ll grow as a person” said Alissa.