Thieves attack dorm rooms on campus

Residential students recently received emails alerting them of room thefts that have been taking place on campus after three cases were reported from A & B Complex.

According to Public Safety, laundry had been stolen from the laundry machines, as well as a gaming system from a student’s room. The problem with this case was that the doors were not secure. The students had the locks on the door disabled. The RAs do rounds everyday and Reslife does health and safety inspections to ensure such things are fixed.

Quite a few thefts reported have been results of students leaving their belongings in a bathroom or some other place. A person could have either stolen the item or put in a lost and found place or someplace else.

In the event of a room theft, Public Safety interviews everybody who can be possibly involved. They work closely with the resident directors to try to solve these cases. There is a tip line that they use to try to get anonymous tips on who the thief could be.

ResLife says when they hear about a room theft from a student, they ask residents to find out information, then contact Public Safety. Once the investigators get a list of suspects together, they are interviewed, and if someone is suspected to be the thief, they will either be arrested or go through a student conduct process.

A student conduct process is where the whole case is looked at and examined. Depending on the results of the search, a student is assigned a conduct officer who decides if this student has committed a theft.