Juli Dajci wins SGA President

Juli Dajci will serve as the Student Government Association President for the 2020-2021 academic year at the University of Hartford

This past Thursday, Juli Dajci was announced the new Student Government Association President for the 2020-2021 academic year. This marks the first time an international student at the University of Hartford will serve as SGA President. Although this year’s elections process took place through an online ballot, it was the largest voting turn out in SGA history. Many of the SGA candidates took to social media to host their campaigns.

Hearing about his win Juli stated “I am amazed of the success of this campaign which made history in the elections by electing the first international student as SGA president and for having the highest participation rate ever! I am deeply humbled by the trust and support of my peers, who gave me their vote, their kindness, their comments and trusted me with an immense responsibility. And as for the personal part, I called my parents at 10 pm when I found out (it was 4 am for them in Albania) and we all were in tears while celebrating.”

Juli started his campaign by promising 2020 seniors that they will have a graduation ceremony. He also plans to explore alternatives for senior week due to its cancellation from the current pandemic. Juli will work towards providing free access to Spring Fling next year for the class of 2020 as well. Juli’s campaign placed emphasis on the importance of student academic conferences. He plans to put efforts towards the financial support of these conferences for students. Additionally, he will be advocating more funds towards the music and arts clubs on campus. Many of these groups have achieved acclaimed success over the past few years and he would like to highlight these groups for their achievements.

Juli would also like to bring more awareness to the media organizations on campus and work along side them for better procedures and communication regarding events on campus and media accessibility. Juli would like to improve promotional efforts and fundings for the smaller organizations on campus.

Juli’s main goal as President is to “recognize identity and affinity organizations who provide a home for students to be themselves.”