University to begin new student ambassador program

The University of Hartford has begun a new student ambassador program, made up of selected students from each college, said to be “the best” to represent their respective programs to prospective students in the college selection process.

Students are selected to be student ambassadors by department chairs who nominate the students they think would be the best to present their programs to students who are touring the University.

A student ambassador’s main responsibilities are to meet with the prospective student and their family and talk to them about their program and why they enjoy the University’s program here. If the ambassador’s schedule allows it, then they can take a student to class with them to show them how the classes run here at the University.

Kellie Westenfeld, the director of collegiate admissions and communication for the College of Arts and Sciences, is in charge of the ambassador program for A&S. She said she will contact people coming for tours to see if they want to have a student ambassador with them to talk about their program. If the ambassador is available when the student comes up, they will
meet up together.

This program shows the University of Hartford truly cares about those applying to the University, which Westenfeld hopes students will remember when applying for colleges. Potential students can get a closer look and feel of the departments and programs here at the University due to this more personalized look at our school.

Prospective students, ranging from freshman to senior year of high school, can sign up to visit the University with a student ambassador through the Admissions Program.